Hi, I'm Erika

My job is to help your audience discover you and your content.

Too many people dive into creating content without understanding their purpose for doing it. They end up disappointed or spinning their wheels because they don't connect with their purpose and as a result, they don't find their audience.

Audience attraction comes from creating a strong message.


The more connected you are to your purpose, the stronger and more loyal a following you have. I am here to help creators who are struggling or stuck help them to understand their purpose, craft their message and identify their niche. 

Sometimes you need an external eye to see where you can improve, and for this reason I decided to invest in Erika’s channel critique. As a fledgling YouTuber, I wanted to start out on the right foot, and having the help of a strategist was just what I needed!Erika completely blew me away with her feedback in our call. Her critical eye spotted that I had a potential niche that I wasn’t even aware of, and after some consideration, I changed the direction of my channel from ‘beauty’ to ‘exotic pets’.Doing the channel critique has really helped me to refine my channel, and I’ve enjoyed both amazing feedback from my subscribers, as well as steady growth increase!

I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of creators to coach them and help them discover their purpose. When a strong purpose is aligned with good quality content, it is a powerful combination that catapults someone to incredible success as an influencer.

Once my clients have undergone their coaching sessions with me, they have a newfound confidence in their content, a more strategic approach to topics and an end goal resulting in rapid growth and audience attraction. I am humbled by the life changing results of my mastermind students.

Many of my clients have gone on to quit their day jobs, reach follower goals in the six figures and ultimately achieve the influence they desire.

Erika has helped me grow my YouTube channel in tremendous ways!  The lessons I’ve learned from her about YouTube, other social media platforms, and branding strategies have been so valuable to me.  Erika is a genuinely nice person who wants to see others succeed, but she’s also extremely knowledgeable in social media influencing.  I am so thankful I stumbled upon her in the beginning stages of my YouTube channel.  I truly believe her advice and encouragement helped me take my channel to the next level.

I would love to be able to guide you and help you just as I have helped countless others. As a member of my mastermind you get to be a part of a group of influencers who care about their work as much as you do and are willing to invest the time, energy and resources needed to get ahead. You also have access to me during our session and in the group. What are you waiting for?

When I implement Erika’s advice, my subscribers immediately notice and compliment me on the changes. She’s SO good at finding those little, easy to change improvements for my channel that make a big difference!
I would HIGHLY recommend Erika’s strategy sessions! She was able to really help me narrow down my niche, something I have been struggling with since I started, and gave me such great insight on how to not only grow my channel but how to really engage with my audience!
Nicole WeismanThe Makeup Mistress

What can I help you do?

The Mastermind and critique sessions are currently closed to new members, but make sure to add your name to the waitlist to be notified when it is re-opened, which should be soon!

The Newbie Package

This package is for the person that is completely new to YouTube and has just started or hasn't started yet.

  • Niche Discovery
  • Brand Analysis
  • YouTube SEO Strategy
  • First 30 Days Action Plan
  • 60-minute discussion of action plan via telephone
  • Recording of conversation for future reference
  • Invitation to special Mastermind Facebook Group Exclusive to my clients with access to me.

This starter package is for the creator who feels confident in branding and channel niche but wants some additional insight into his or her content.

  • You choose 3 videos that will be reviewed, audited and critiqued.
  • 30 minute discussion of video critique via telephone.
  • Recording of conversation for future reference.

Full YouTube Strategy Session

This package is for the creator who is looking to take his or her channel to the next level or could benefit from an outside perspective to provide guidance and a strategic game plan.

  • Video Critique Above
  • Audit and Channel Analysis
  • Niche Discovery
  • Brand Analysis
  • Specific and tailored 30-day channel improvement plan
  • YouTube SEO Strategy
  • Content analysis to build a thriving community and boost engagement
  • 60-minute discussion of action plan via telephone
  • Recording of conversation for future reference
  • Invitation to special Mastermind Facebook Group Exclusive to my clients with access to me.

YouTube Strategy Session + Follow Up

This is for the creator who is serious about making their YouTube channel a career and wants to invest in the time and resources to do so.

  • Full YouTube Strategy Session which includes everything above.
  • 40-minute follow up session 30 days after one on one critique to review changes to channel, videos uploaded since session and correct anything that is not on track.
  • Recording of follow up session for future reference.
  • Unlimited texts and emails for support and questions for 45 days after initial strategy session.

What clients and colleagues are saying

The strategy session was so helpful for my channel. I continue to implement those strategies months later and have seen so much growth. Erika looked through my channel thoroughly before the session and asked what I want from my channel. She suggested a few strategies I implemented. The strategy session was very helpful for me in the sense that I now know what to do and it helped me get the ball rolling.
I really enjoyed my channel review with Erika. She was extremely thorough and honest. All her tips were incredibly helpful and I learned a lot about myself and my channel. Since taking on Erika’s tips I’ve seen a huge jump in certain videos that needed tweaking and a huge boost in subscribers. I’m forever grateful to Erika for taking the time to help me and my channel.
My strategy session with Erika was so helpful for my channel.  When you are creating a business around yourself and your own personality sometimes it can feel like you’re too close to it to see what needs improvement.  Erika gave me honest feedback and constructive criticism that I am incorporating into my business everyday.  My channel has been growing ever since!
Sarah BlodgettEveryday Starlet
Not only is she gorgeous, Erika is very intelligent. She understands marketing in a social world. Her message is clear, to help inspire and educate people who want to create a brand for themselves through YouTube. Her content is great and I support her dedication and hard work.
Stephen MarinaroThe Salon Guy
When I first hired Erika to help my channel, I was a little skeptical because I didn’t know if she would be able to help me. I was in a place where I needed a coach to tell me what I needed to improve on. I was very frustrated because I was putting so much effort and work on my channel but I wasn’t seeing much activity. I am so glad I hired Erika because she had a great impact on the growth of my channel. I was able to really find my niche and concentrate on it. Erika is so knowledgeable in the social media, marketing industry and she knows what works and what doesn’t. She will be able to guide you and help you grow your social media.
Erika is my go-to resource whenever I have questions about sponsorships, brand relationships, and growth strategies. Erika has a strong intuitive business mind, and has helped me understand where I need to focus and prioritize in order to grow my social media business.
Erika is a wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to the growth and success of running a youtube channel. Her channel critiques + strategy sessions are extremely well thought out and thorough. Its amazing to me how she can look at a channel and pin-point exactly what can be improved upon! And whats great is she is not just giving constructive criticism and leaving it at that – she gives suggestions, tips and tricks on HOW you can improve and what exactly can be done differently or better. A Channel Critique/Strategy Session with Erika will truly change the way you think about and view your channel as well as how Youtube works. You’ll learn how to make  youtube work in your favor!With my own channel critique there were a couple things she mentioned that I feel like I already knew I could be doing, but she made me realize how important it was for me to really be doing them. It was an eye opener. She also mentioned several new things and ideas that I had no clue I SHOULD be doing in order to get more views to my videos. I learned more about what my true niche was and what I needed to let go of in order to really grow and get my channel in the right direction. She also gave me some great advice on how I could really showcase small & indie brands that I had a passion for working with! Overall, she gave me knowledge on how I could work smarter and not harder to the point of burn out (which is where I almost was when I had my session with her). I am so thankful for her help, insight and knowledge. It has helped me tremendously and I know it would be a help to anyone who has a session with her!
I found Erika a year into my YouTube channel. Through her help, I have gained a better understanding being a social media influencer. A year ago, when I started listening to Erika, I was posting just to post videos and pictures on Instagram. Although I had an end goal, I didn’t know how to get there or how to transition my passion project into a business. Implementing a strategy into my YouTube channel made my channel boost up from 3k subscribers to almost 8k now in less than a year
Erika’s review of my channel was extremely valuable. She really took the time before our meeting to do an in depth analysis of my channel. When we met she was thoroughly prepared with questions and suggestions for my channel. You could really tell that she watched my videos and understood me and the audience that I was trying to reach. Erika gave great advice about all kinds of things from high level to small details.  In addition, we talked about how I was marketing myself and in narrowing down my target audience, I have achieved great results. Erika is the sweetest person and since she is very engaging and just the nicest person, she keeps things very positive throughout the review. I am very glad that I worked with Erika and highly recommend her.
Working with Erika really helped me figure out how to work with my channel and get it to what I want it to be. My channel was growing so slow until I spoke with Erika. She helped me rebrand my channel and is always there when I need advice. She is so knowledgeable about the YouTube and Social Media world, and I recomend anyone to work with her to build whatever platform you are looking to grow in.
Erika has an unmatched ability to reverse-physiology success so that any YouTuber can save MONTHS of trial and error, by getting the solutions she uncovers from YouTube sensations. Her podcasts aren’t over-satured with adds or for-profit content, because she truly puts her reputation above a price, only supporting what she truly believes in and her followers respect that.
The online space can be a tricky place to navigate and it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of what to do, and how to do it because people often keep the skill sets they’ve learned so top secret and that’s what I have found to be the most valuable thing I’ve found in the community that Erika has has created – amongst Beauty and the Vlog. You have a whole team that is there to help and support you on your way to success.

Any questions?

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