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Why You Don’t Need To Be an Extrovert To Be Popular on YouTube

Why You Don’t Need To Be an Extrovert To Be Popular on YouTube with ellebangs’ Silvia Reis: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 108

“Don’t try to be something you think people want.”

YouTube is filled with bubbly and outgoing personalities who have become YouTube stars in their own right. However, having a YouTube channel is not exclusive for extroverts. If you have passion and knowledge to share, then what you actually have is the magic formula to become popular on YouTube!

One such popular YouTube influencer is Silvia Reis, who goes by the name ellebangs in her YouTube channel. She’s a popular hair guru and a Redken trained hair stylist living in San Francisco who shares professional DIY tips about hair color, cut, and styling to help people get their dream hair while saving some money at the salon.

“Consistency gets people attracted.”

Shy and reserved, Silvia’s personality doesn’t quite fit the mold of a typical YouTube influencer. However, because she’s passionate about sharing her knowledge about hair, she started her channel with her husband about four years ago to teach people some of the things she learned herself going through cosmetology school and working at various salons in the Bay Area. She loves everything hair and makeup and thought YouTube would be a good way to engage with other like-minded people. Currently, Silvia has almost half a million YouTube subscribers and 49 million video views.

“The audience I have, I want it to be super genuine.”

So, remember, you don’t have to reinvent yourself in front of the camera and suddenly become super bubbly and super outgoing to become popular on YouTube. Stay true to yourself and people will embrace you for who you are!

“Personality is huge on YouTube.”

5 Key Interview Takeaways

  1. To get popular on YouTube, the more traffic you get on your video, and the earlier, the better. According to Silvia, all engagement is great but you want people to engage as soon as possible, hopefully within the first 24 hours of your video being published. So, uploading your video on a day where people have a lot more free time will help tremendously.
  2. Stay true to yourself. From that comes an engaged and loyal audience. Having a narrow niche may have kept Silvia’s subscribers from growing fast, but she has an audience that’s really loyal and really engaged. (If you need help defining your niche, I have created a free guide that walks you step by step. Over a thousand influencers have downloaded it to help them with their channels! Download the guide HERE). By staying true to yourself, you can gain an audience that are true fans and feel like they’re your best friends.
  3. Listen to your audience. When you have an audience that’s engaged and really connects with you, coming up with new content won’t be a problem. They will be requesting videos and you will find yourself getting busy just catching up to their requests.
  4. Don’t underestimate that you could do a certain type of video better than others. At least for your audience, they want to see such a video from you and learn from you. So listen to their requests, even if dozens of that type of video already exists.
  5. Don’t be shy about having a YouTube channel. Own it. Tell your friends about it. Be proud of it. If you’re confident about it, people are going to be drawn to that. If you’re embarrassed about it, people won’t be interested in subscribing to your channel nor watching any of your videos.

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