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Secrets to Dominating Social Media

Secrets to Dominating Social Media with Thought Leader Trina Albus: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 86

Interested in working with brands you love, but not sure how to make that connection? Curious about how to develop a social marketing strategy to reach more people, but don’t know where to start? Start right here with advice from a crazy successful entrepreneur with a niche in the beauty space.

Trina Albus is the founder and president of Magenta, the premiere social media marketing agency for beauty brands. She has 20 years of experience in digital and has been acknowledged as a thought leader in the social marketing industry. Prior to forming Magenta Agency in 2011, Trina put her expertise in economics, math and statistics to work for technology and marketing groups at Price Waterhouse, Discovery Channel, Time Inc. and BeachMint.

During her time running social media for BeachMint in Los Angeles, Trina saw an opportunity to work with a number of beauty brands as well as the talent in the YouTube community. Her love of beauty and background in digital made the formation of Magenta Agency a natural next step, and now she is a regular advisor to prominent national brands and influencers.

In addition to running the agency, Trina also teaches social and digital marketing courses and presents regularly at conferences like Social Media Week, Beauty Biz Roundtable and Lucky Magazine Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference. Today she teaches you how to cater your social marketing to your target audience and utilize metrics to post when that audience is most engaged. Listen and find out how to get your name on Magenta Agency’s list of core influencers!

Key Interview Takeaways

Beauty lends itself to e-commerce. Because of the relatively low price point, it’s easier to drive online sales; that accessibility prompted Magenta’s decision to focus specifically on marketing beauty brands.

Relationships are key. Trina argues that in her line of work, it is important to build a network of influencers and become a part of the community. Influencers are flooded with requests, so establishing a personal connection is important.

Know your target audience and choose platforms and post times accordingly. Trina suggests an emphasis on Instagram and Snapchat when a brand caters to millennials, while Facebook and Pinterest are more appropriate for an older audience.

Create professional content and utilize analytics to optimize said content. Paying attention to the numbers helps you reach as many people as possible.

Consider using a scheduling tool. Once you’ve determined the best time of day to reach your target audience on a particular platform, a scheduling tool can help you get your content to those people when they are most engaged.

Get discovered via hashtags. Trina recommends utilizing 11-15 customized hashtags for every post because thoughtful hashtags drive results – and help brands find you!

Create authentic posts about products you truly love, and tag the brand to get their attention! Magenta uses a seeding program, gifting products to specific categories of influencers. Once the agency identifies whose posts are gaining traction for the brand, they reach out for a paid collaboration.

Facebook is the largest and most lucrative platform out there. Trina advises creating public posts from your personal page as you gain a following, then shifting to a business page once you’ve reached your cap on public followers.

Connect on Facebook Groups! Magenta finds new influencers through groups like Beauty and the Vlog and ipsyOS.

Professional content, authenticity and engagement are more important than follower numbers. Magenta pairs micro-influencers with brands when they have an aesthetic that fits.

“Fake it until you make it.” Adopt a rock star mentality and always perform as if you already have 100,000 followers.

Focus on the story you are telling and what makes you unique. Once you’ve established your angle and value proposition, opportunities to collaborate with brands will emerge.

Take advantage of free trials. Before you spend money on scheduling and reporting tools, take them on a test drive to be sure they meet your needs.

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