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The Big 3 for YouTube: Tags, Titles and Thumbnails: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 70

The Big 3 for YouTube: Tags, Titles and Thumbnails: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 70

Want to get people clicking on your videos? On this episode, Erika discusses how tags, titles and thumbnails work together to do just that. Make deliberate choices about the big three, and get your channel noticed through search results.


Key Takeaways


  • Use all 30 tags available to let YouTube know what your video is about so that it will appear in search results.
  • Be strategic in choosing tags, selecting keywords that are aligned with your title.
  • The most important tags are the first few that you identify, so don’t use your name or the name of your vlog in the first few tags. (Sorry to break it to you, people aren’t searching for your name.)
  • Tag products that you use, especially new or exceptionally popular ones.
  • Toward the end of your tags, it is appropriate to tag your name. If the video is part of a series, tag that too. Now YouTube can connect videos in a series and videos that you created.
  • Take advantage of TubeBuddy to research the tags other influencers are using.


  • Either use a catchy title to encourage people to click, or choose a descriptive title with keywords that people might be searching for.
  • Utilize a subtitle that includes specific product names.
  • Research successful YouTuber’s titles to see what works, i.e.: Laura Lee, Zabrena and BeautyyBird.
  • TubeBuddy can also help you tweak your titles to get more views!


  • Take advantage of free image editing software, i.e.: PicMonkey and Canva.
  • Your title and thumbnail should work together to tell a story.
  • Too much text makes for a messy thumbnail that is likely to be overlooked.
  • If you review a product in the video, try using a split screen thumbnail with the product in one of the pictures.
  • Any text that appears on your thumbnails should be consistent; use the same font and color every time.
  • You might also choose to use your logo in lieu of writing.

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