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The Best YouTube Thumbnail Tips

The Best YouTube Thumbnail Tips with Karina Garcia: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 97

“When you have a good title and a thumbnail and good content, I feel that that’s really all that matters.” – Karina Garcia

If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your YouTube subscribers and have a successful YouTube channel, you don’t want to miss this episode! Our guest for today grew her YouTube subscribers to 5.5 million and received 693 million video views in just two years! Lucky for us, she is willing to share with us her secrets and insights on how she was able to achieve such fast growth.

Karina Garcia is YouTube’s DIY slime queen from L.A.  Ever since she started her YouTube channel in February 2015, she has become one of the most recognizable faces on social media and is best known for being one of the top five most followed DIYers on the internet thanks to her super eye-popping YouTube thumbnails.

“I actually edit my thumbnails before I even edit my videos. It’s one of things that I really think of right away.” – Karina Garcia

At first, Karina wasn’t so sure about creating her own YouTube channel because she felt scared about having to face negative feedback. However, once she made up her mind and jumped straight into it, she loved it so much that she made it her hobby and started uploading every week.

Her videos are all about empowering her viewers, especially kids, to create on their own terms. Now, she’s the author of Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime, a collection of 15 DIY slime recipes that will take you to slime heaven.

Beyond teaching the world how to make slime and crazy arts and crafts projects, Karina loves design, style, and keeping up with the latest trends. She shares with us her story of when she first began filming her videos to now becoming the YouTube sensation she is.

6 Key Interview Takeaways

  1. Do it consistently from the very beginning. According to Karina, when you start a YouTube channel, you need to be consistent in uploading videos right from the very beginning. Of course, it may be hard for those who are juggling other jobs at the same time, but being consistent and putting in dedication to your channel can lead to success.
  2. Be yourself 100%. If you want to get noticed on YouTube, don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not. Karina says, “Don’t care too much about being perfect.” People will find you more relatable when they see that you also make mistakes and that you’re real.
  3. YouTube thumbnails are key. For a lot of people the YouTube thumbnail is an afterthought, but for Karina, it’s one of the things she thinks of right away … even while making her videos. She advises to go for bright, eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and to think outside the box. She says, “Think weird and crazy and make it happen.”
  4. ) Keep up with trends. Get inspiration from the people you’re subscribed to, but be careful not to become a copycat. If something is trending, put your own unique twist to it. Also, if you find yourself doing something similar to someone else, make sure to give them credit.
  5. Figure out an interesting niche that appeals to a lot of people. You have to find something you yourself are interested in, or are passionate about, because that’s when your true personality comes out. For Karina, she knew she would be doing crafts because she genuinely enjoys it and that DIY stuff would draw the kid audience, and she’s always wanted to do something with slime.
  6. Collaborations helps. Step outside of your comfort zone and form friendships with fellow YouTubers. Go the channels that you’re subscribed to and are a fan of and comment on their videos. When you see them at an event, don’t be shy. Talk to them. Collaborations can be a lot of fun and networking is so important these days.

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