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YouTube Success Secrets: Stephen Marinaro, “The Salon Guy” Interview BV 38

YouTube Success Secrets: Stephen Marinaro, “The Salon Guy” Interview BV 38

This Beauty and the Vlog podcast interview features Stephen Marinaro, “The Salon Guy” who reveals his  YouTube Success Secrets.


Check out the YouTube highlights version of the interview HERE! 

Stephen Marinaro “TheSalonGuy” is an entrepreneur, hairstylist & content creator. Stephen has been on Good Morning America, Jerseylicious, TMZ Live 9 times, Ok! TV, written up in allure magazine and covers events such as The Oscars, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and many others. Whether interviewing celebs on the red carpets, or making hair tutorials on YouTube, Stephen keeps busy growing his brand and exposure. Stephens’s channel has 125k subs, 17 million views and 1.5+ million views a month. He goes into detail in this episode about his YouTube success secrets!

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YouTube Success Secrets

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Show Notes!

Enjoy some of my favorite parts of the interview!

What are your three holy grail items you use for your channel?

Final Cut Pro X.

YouTube Studio App. Every single YouTuber needs to have that app. You can see your analytics, see how many views you are getting, you can interact and comment. It is probably the best thing I have ever used for my channel.

What would you not do again if you were to start your YouTube channel right now?

Take more lessons on filming properly and investing in the proper equipment to begin with. I was using this little handheld camera. Understanding proper editing and proper body positioning. My first couple of videos were not the greatest.

Dream Collaboration:

Tony Robbins

What is your favorite opportunity from YouTube?

Companies believing in me that they would actually want to sponsor me. That’s a big deal when a company can say, here’s 3k, here’s 5k, here’s 2k, go ahead. When you are doing that and can hit up companies, and ask them to sponsor you and they look at your stuff and say yes, that is huge.

What is your unfair advantage?

Being that I was adopted and raised into a loving family, where I come from as a person and naturally care about people and care about others before myself. It’s always been in my nature to care about other people and inspire people.

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You can find Stephen and his channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSalonGuy

YouTube success secrets! If you learned any great YouTube secrets from this episode share in the comments below! 




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