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What You Need to Know to Grow Your YouTube Channel P2

What You Need to Know to Grow Your YouTube Channel P2 with YouTube Expert Roberto Blake : Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 84

Business-minded beauties: Welcome to Part II of our interview with Roberto Blake, CEO and Creative Director of Create Awesome Media! If you haven’t listened to Part 1, I suggest you head over now and then come back to Part 2. You can listen to it HERE. Roberto is an innovative entrepreneur helping businesses, brands and individuals market themselves successfully with engaging videos and effective messages. He has ten-plus years of experience commercially in advertising, design and marketing, help brands both large and small achieve their goals and reach their audiences. He started his own YouTube channel in 2013, capitalizing on skills in graphic design, photography and video editing to offer creative people a resource.

Roberto’s work has been recognized by Forbes, Huffington Post, Adobe and Photoshop Creative magazines. He is also a HOW Design Live speaker covering topics such as video marketing, personal branding, entrepreneurship, career development and social media. In this continuation of the interview with Roberto, he explains the nuts and bolts of the YouTube algorithm, the benefits of a diversified income and his take on the future of YouTube. Listen and learn to grow your personal brand and build a thriving business!

 Key Interview Takeaways

While engagement is key in building community, it doesn’t trump watch time, session starts or virality when it comes to the YouTube algorithm.

Grow up rather than blow up. While it might sound awesome to have a video go viral, you probably don’t have a business plan in place for becoming an overnight sensation.

Play to the strengths of the algorithm. Likes and comments won’t propel you to the top, but relevance, watch time and referrals will.

Avoid copycat content. Expand on a theme or add to it, but don’t just lather, rinse, repeat.

Resist the temptation to buy fake subscribers. YouTube purges those accounts (as well as some legitimate ones!) regularly, and it will hurt your view velocity.

Influencers with smaller subscriber numbers have an interesting advantage in terms of view velocity. The algorithm favors a YouTuber when at least 5% of her total subscriber count is watching within the 48 hours of posting a video.

Don’t attach emotional value to view count. Instead, focus on revenue. Some of Roberto’s least viewed videos made the most money because they generated clients or affiliate links and/or led to speaking engagements and consulting retainers.

Look beyond YouTube to grow your personal brand. YouTube is a vehicle rather than the destination; use the platform as an opportunity to build a business.

Diversify your income. AdSense is not the only avenue for a YouTuber to make money. Appearances, collaborations, sponsorships, affiliate deals and industrials are among the prospects for a savvy YouTuber.

Value yourself. If brands ask to use your content without monetary compensation, it’s okay to say no – or negotiate a trade (in the form of product or a future collaboration) to build the relationship.

Understand how to light for your complexion and make use of an LED two- or three-point lighting kit with a dimmer switch.

The future of YouTube is in shows, as creators embrace medium- and long-form content. Roberto also predicts a rise in educational and business channels.

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