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How ‘Micro-Influencers’ Can Work with Top Beauty Brands P2

How ‘Micro-Influencers’ Can Work with Top Beauty Brands with Nur of NurberXO: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 79

The wait is over, beauties! Welcome to Part II of our interview with NurberXO. As a beauty vlogger who goes by the handle nurberxo, she has been a YouTube influencer for seven-plus years. Through an unexpected opportunity, Nur began working with beauty brands as a social media strategist. For the past year and a half, she has consulted with some of the biggest beauty brands on how to work with influencers and create a powerful social media presence. Her inside-out perspective as an influencer, coupled with her business background and fascination with psychology is what has made her a valuable asset to brands. Nur’s 360 degree perspective of the beauty industry has provided her with all the insight she’ll be sharing today.

If you missed part 1, you can go ahead and check it out here. I would suggest listening to part 1 and then coming back here to part 2. 

In this episode, NurberXO explains how to tailor your press kit to a specific brand, design a campaign with supporting links, and build relationships with brands as you work toward a paid collaboration!

Key Interview Takeaways

Tailor your media kit for the specific brand and product you are pitching, and include links in order of importance. If you propose creating a video, include YouTube links first.

Pull numbers curated specifically to the brand’s target customer. You might include demographic information, watch time, affiliate links, conversion numbers, etc. Show the brand you are committed to them!

Cultivate engagement with your viewers. Brands are looking for a high ratio of comments to views; a video with 2,000 views that has hundreds of comments illustrates a stunning level of engagement. And you can use these stats to make the case that you are a good influencer to collaborate with.

Don’t be shy about pitching to brands. Remember, you can make a social media team’s life easier by pitching a detailed proposal and including applicable links to your work.

Establish a reputation for being easy to work with by following up. When a brand sends you product, be sure to send a thank you along with links to any content you created.

Build a relationship with the brand before you ask about sponsored posts. Start out by requesting free product and/or coupon codes to demonstrate your value.

Take advantage of affiliate codes as a stepping stone to paid collaboration. Social media strategists recommend affiliate programs to brands because they provide a measure of return on investment.

Consider platforms like Influenster, Octoly and Grapevine to learn which brands are looking to work with influencers.

Small brands can get tuned in by following big name influencers – and seeing who the hard-hitters are following and engaging with!

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