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How Influencer Nicol Concilio Grew Crazy Fast on Instagram

How to Grow A Million Instagram Followers Fast with Nicole Concilio: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 69

Originally from New York, now established in Los Angeles, Vlogger Nicol Concilio has exploded on the beauty scene. In one year, she has amassed one million followers on Instagram and 225,000 YouTube subscribers, with 50,000 views per video. She has deals with Lip Land Cosmetics and Tarte Cosmetics, among others. Her genuine, down-to-earth personality has made her a go-to resource for hundreds of thousands of online fans.

In this episode, Nicol and her boyfriend and manager Nick, offer advice to novice Beauty Vloggers and discuss Nicol’s success in the world of online beauty.

6 Key Interview Takeaways

1.) Put your heart and soul into your work. Nicol’s “all or nothing” attitude toward building her brand as a beauty vlogger on Instagram and YouTube led to her success. She was even willing to quit her job as a medical assistant to create content full time.

2.) Find your niche. Nicol’s work is unique in that she consistently uploads Instagram videos that are entertaining and educational. She is not afraid to be silly and make mistakes!

3.) Get organized. Create a plan to outline the posts you will complete on a given day and utilize tools like Google Calendar to stay on top of your to-do list.

4.) Never underestimate the power of a hashtag. Nicol’s collaborations with cosmetic companies helped her reputation grow, and she came to the attention of those companies by tagging the products and tools she was using on Instagram.

5.) It is not necessary to invest a lot of money in camera equipment. If you are just getting started on Instagram, the Sony A5100 is an affordable beginner camera. That is the camera that she uses.

6.) Do your homework. Nicol is constantly doing research to stay aware of current trends. She follows celebrity makeup artists online and uses Pinterest as a source of inspiration.

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  • Junia Miranda Gonçalves

    Good Morning,
    I really like a lot of episodes, but this one is one of my favorite,I love her story and her drive for beauty, was one of the most inspired ones for me so far.

    • Beauty and the Vlog

      Ya, her and Nick have great energy and I love their approach to everything. Im glad you enjoyed it!

  • Katie Cucciniello

    Great article! I love Nicol so much! She’s one of my favorite beauty influencers to follow! 🙂 her success is sky rocketing!

  • Ashley Washington

    Erika, it’s like you are reading my mind! This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about and needed to hear. Sometimes I just need a little push and your podcasts have been doing just that for me! Congrats on the new site. It’s beautiful 😍