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The Best Way To Get More Views On YouTube

Newbie Success Reveals How to Get More Views on YouTube with Shea Whitney: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 94

Most influencers start a YouTube channel because they want to share something they love with the world. Best case, you eventually earn an income through your channel and your passion turns into profit. But the only way to grow your channel is by getting people to click on your videos. Today’s guest is new to YouTube, but she has already had much success. Want to learn how to get more views on YouTube? Listen to the podcast episode or keep reading!

Shea Whitney is an up-and-coming fashion and luxury YouTuber who started her channel in September 2016. With 30,000-plus subscribers, Shea has grown her channel quickly – all while being a wife and mother of two AND working full-time as an HR specialist. Shea loves to mix classic and trendy styles, and she is a collector of high-end, investment designer handbags.

Today Shea reveals how she discovered an in-demand niche, how she earns money with her channel, and how to get more views on YouTube!

 11 Key Interview Takeaways

  1. ) Get technical. Shea invested in a good camera and lighting from the very beginning, using YouTube as a resource to learn technique.
  2. ) Niche down with what you love. Although Shea likes to watch beauty and makeup videos, she has found her forte in filming luxury and styling videos – and those posts get more views!
  3. ) Schedule YouTube around your life. Shea has a family and a full-time job, but she devotes one evening per week as well as Saturday mornings to her channel.
  4. ) Keep the content coming. Although Shea doesn’t maintain a consistent schedule, she does make it a point to upload two or three videos per week.
  5. ) Give the people what they want. One of Shea’s first videos received thousands of views because it featured an iconic Louis Vuitton handbag that people were searching for.
  6. ) Grow your channel with quality and high-demand content. Shea attributes her success to tapping into a popular niche and producing polished videos.
  7. ) When things don’t go as planned, keep the camera rolling. Shea’s most successful video is an unboxing ‘gone wrong’ in which she receives a defective bag and calls the company right then and there!
  8. ) You don’t have to be rich to review high-end fashion. Shea does a lot of research and purchases ‘pre-loved’ items; she also reinvests the money she earns from her channel to buy designer pieces.
  9. ) Add a revenue stream with rewardStyle. Shea uses this affiliate program by linking items in her descriptions with appropriate retailers, and she earns commission on viewer purchases within a 30-day window.
  10. ) It’s all about the algorithm. Maximize watch time by saving the reveal for later on in the video.
  11. ) Learn what you can from analytics. Shea noticed the emphasis on a 48-hour time frame and experimented with uploading two videos in a 48 window – to great success and an increase in video views! 

Shea’s Favorite Items and YouTube Tech:

Microphone | Lighting Kit | Camera | Softboxes | Jeans | Urban Decay Foundation | Anastasia Palette | Mascara | Valnetino Shoes | LV Bag

Links Mentioned

Shea’s What’s in My Bag? Video

Shea’s Unboxing Gone Wrong Video

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Author: Erika Vieira

Marketing and sales expert Erika Vieira is the host and producer of the #1 influencer strategy podcast, Beauty and the Vlog. The podcast, with over 100 episodes and hundreds of thousands of downloads is dedicated to content creators who are looking to start, improve and grow their unique influence online. Erika works with influencers on personal branding, content improvement and defining a niche via customized strategy sessions, channel critiques and business support. She also loves makeup, beauty and her family and believes anyone who has the drive and passion can find success online. Feel free to send her a message here.

  • Desiree Nozomi

    I loved this interview with Shea! It was really interesting to hear the perspective of a Youtuber who has “recently” made it huge on the platform. Nowadays, Youtube is being so saturated and it is so hard to stand out and come out with unique content and to find your niche. I also have a family and a fulltime job so I related a lot to her in that aspect so I found her tips to be quite insightful.

    • Beauty and the Vlog

      Yes, I agree. It is incredibly saturated ad its difficult if you have anything else going on to really commit the time needed. I think Shea’s story is amazing and shows that you can be working AND a mom and still achieve success as a YouTuber.

  • Salima B

    this was really inspiring to see another influencer who grew using beauty and the vlog

    • Beauty and the Vlog

      Yes, she had been listening before she started!