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Money Making Strategies As An Influencer

Money Making Strategies As An Influencer with Jessica Nazarali: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 117

“Content is king.”

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Do you wish you were making money as an influencer? If so, how can you turn your passion project or hobby into a full-time career? What are the odds of making money as an influencer? How can you become successful at it?

I am so excited for today’s episode because not only will we unlock the answers to these questions, but we’ll also talk about mindfulness, meditation, and positivity with our guest, Jessica Nazarali.

Jessica knew from an early age that personal development would be part of her life’s work. However, it wasn’t until she started a passion project – a blog and health food store in 2011 – that Jessica’s dream came to fruition.

“At the end of the day you just really need to believe in yourself and what you’re doing.”

After hitting it big with $7,000 in revenue during her 7th month of blog coaching and consulting, Jessica quit her job and went full time in her business. During the first year, she did a lot of one-on-one coaching, one-on-one consulting, and then she started creating products. Now, she has a flagship program, Business Mastery, that’s all about business building skills including how to sign consistent clients for coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs. She also has a coaching certification program, Coaching Mastery, and a personal development and mindset-based program, Personal Mastery.

“Content is so important and it’s how you stand out.”

Today, Jessica has managed to successfully combine her business with her desire to help people. Her It Girl Academy and It Girl Radio podcast provide guidance and coaching to women from different walks of life, all over the world.

“It’s really important that you stay motivated and you stay inspired, so you keep on going and you don’t give up.”

9 Key Interview Takeaways

  1. Build your audience from blogging. Even if you pivot into something else, a lot of people will still follow you because they’re interested in you.
  2. Ask your audience what they’re looking for. Doing so is ensuring that when you release a program, people are going to be interested, they’re going to be purchasing, and you’re going to be making money as an influencer.
  3. Listen to what your audience wants. If you’re doing blog coaching or blog consulting like Jessica, realize what your audience needs for them to get bigger results. In this case, making money as an influencer could mean changing to larger packages and charging more.
  4. Do one-on-one coaching. Group programs or courses may sound more advantageous, but one-on-one coaching allows you to see first-hand what’s working and what’s not. Plus, clients actually prefer it.
  5. Work out what your brand is going to be and what you want to become known for. Jessica realized that “there is so much information out there that people aren’t really paying for information anymore, they’re paying for help with the implementation and they’re paying to get results.”
  6. Look at how you’re delivering your courses. Make sure that you have a ton of built-in support so that even if it isn’t a one-on-one coaching program, there are associate coaches who can help with the technology element, which is an area where a lot of people get stuck.
  7. Make your program worthy of your clients’ investment. You can be making money as an influencer by charging premium prices.
  8. Push people to content first. Jessica recommends warming up your audience first by sending them content like a podcast interview or a blog post. Content makes you stand out and positions you as someone who is valuable.
  9. Monetize your following by:
    • Becoming an affiliate for a brand
    • Joining a network marketing company
    • Creating your own products



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