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How to Overcome Negativity and Deal with Haters on YouTube

How to Overcome Negativity and Deal with Haters on YouTube with Mamichula AKA  Interview: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 3

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The YouTube video of the interview can be found HERE.

Lee Figueroa AKA Mamichula Show Notes! 

Below are my show notes and favorite moments from my interview with Lee Figueroa AKA Mamichula. Please note that some of the information below was paraphrased for better readability.

In the Beginning:

I stumbled across the YouTube community about 5 years ago randomly. There were not a lot of people coming out with these videos, like Kandee Johnson and maybe about five other people. I had such an obsession in makeup in high school and not a lot of my friends shared my obsession. I was actually made fun of a lot in high school. In high school I would go with lots of colorful eyeshadow, bold lips and overdone  blush and its not really anything I could relate to with my friends. I guess I was randomly looking for reviews one day on YouTube and I came across this huge beauty community and would watch everyday after school. At that time I got a laptop for Christmas and I thought, I could do this. I came out with my first video. I believe it was a video of my top five hair products at the time, not thinking it would go anywhere. That is where the first video started.  didn’t think anyone would watch or any other videos would come after that one. But, it kind of took off and people started requesting more, I started growing a following and thats where it all began.

It was very nerve racking, especially what I used to go through in high school, I got made fun of a lot. I was really putting myself out there not knowing what kind of response I was going to get back. It was for the most part positive. If you put yourself out there in the internet world people are going to say whatever they want and its not going to be 100% positive, but for the most part it was. When I started my channel I really only started full time two years ago. In the beginning it really was just a hobby, something that would help me relieve stress when I would come home from school and a positive community that I could relate to. The more I came out with videos the more comfortable I was putting myself out there.

Once I decided to go into YouTube full time is when it really took off. That was 2 years ago and it was a period when I came out with a brand new video every other day. I was not working at the time and able to fully commit myself to YouTube and that is where I saw the most growth. I think people just want to see constant content. They want to see you uploading as often as possible. That is probably my #1 tip for people first starting, just come out with a lot of material, the more the better. 

Beauty Bonus Round

Three Holy Grail Items:

My mascara combo. I never wear false eyelashes ever, because these two mascaras make it seem like I am wearing false eyelashes: Cover Girl Lash Blast in Waterproof and L’oreal Collagen boost in waterproof.

Cerave eye repair cream. You can make any concealer work if you have a good under eye moisturizer.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening. This has made my teeth 4-6 shades lighter than they were, I think teeth whitening is everything.

Best tip to help increase subscriber base:

Make sure you are starting your channel for the right reasons. Do not go into it because you want to be famous online or make all this money or a big following. Just go into it for the right reasons, it’s really a tight knit community, there is so much inspiration out there, just make sure you go into it for the right reasons. Be yourself, don’t copy anyone. You might watch someone that you love their videos, you love their style of shooting, people are going to love you for who you are. Don’t emulate anyone. Be patient, it’s a lot of work. but it will pay off in the end. Make sure to come out with videos of what you would actually want to see. That comes across on the screen. If you are passionate asbout what you are talking about ,that is going to radiate on the screen. Come out with videos that you yourself would be interested in watching.

Biggest Beauty Vlogger Inspiration:

Kandee Johnson – With her it’s just so much more than makeup which is what I think I wanted to start my channel for in the first place. She teaches about inner beauty. She has such a big heart and helps so many people. Her passion and kindness radiates on the screen. She is a huge inspiration for me.

What do you wish you knew when you first started?

It’s ok to be myself. In the beginning I felt that I had to be very professional. If I had any bloopers I would never leave them in, I would either redo the video or take them out. I think that the more comfortable you are in front of the camera, the more you show your true personality. People are going to relate to that a lot more. Sometimes I record videos and I go to edit and I’m like, wow I was really loopy and crazy and hyper in that video but you know what, that’s me. That’s how I was feeling that day and it’s ok to be yourself. So, I think I would just try not to get caught up in what people were going to think of me and be comfortable with 100% being myself.

Favorite social media platform:

Instagram. I am one of those people that am constantly on instagram, whenever I come out with a new video I put the thumbnail on there so people know. I kind of document my everyday life, I take weird pictures  When days I’m not filming,  I try and come out with a little something to connect with my viewers. A lot of behind of scenes stuff I put on my instagram. , I am  too addicted to instagram, I don’t have twitter. I am the only YouTuber that doesn’t have a twitter. I also have facebook but I really don’t use it as much, I feel that instagram is so much easier to interact with more people.

Best Piece of advice for YouTube:

Be yourself. Have fun with it. Don’t overthink everything, don’t get caught up with the numbers with the companies you want to work with. Just make sure to be true to yourself the entire process.


Channel Stats:

25 million views

154k subscribers

Started channel in 2009 and based in NY


Lee’s channel can be found at:



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