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Insider Secrets of Beauty Blogging with Lara Eurdolian: BEAUTY AND THE VLOG PODCAST 68

Insider Secrets of Beauty Blogging with Lara Eurdolian: BEAUTY AND THE VLOG PODCAST 68

Lara Eurdolian is the founder of PrettyConnected. The New York City-based beauty and lifestyle blogger offers a unique blend of life and style, thanks to her background in beauty and branding for industry names like NARS, Jurlique and Kiehl’s. A much sought-after beauty insider, Lara has appeared in campaigns for top brands including Cover Girl, Aveeno and Urban Decay, and she has been featured in the New York Times, Allure, Real Simple, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan and Elle. Lara has also appeared on Amazon Style Code Live, the Today Show, Mobile TV and Rachael Ray. In 2014, she partnered with the non-profit organization Family-to-Family to launch Share Your Beauty!, an initiative that collects unused beauty and hygiene products for teens centered in homeless and women’s shelters.

On this podcast, Lara shares her experiences as a first-generation beauty blogger and offers advice about increasing your SEO value and building relationships with brands.

Key Interview Takeaways

Beyond writing sponsored posts, beauty bloggers can supplement their incomes with event hosting, consulting, magazine shoots and video campaigns. Lara’s strong foundation rolling out a brand put her in a position to become a full-time blogger.

Up your SEO value by consistently updating your content. Lara recommends that YouTubers start a blog and imbed their videos with simple posts listing the products featured. Google cares about clear titles and clarity in the first few sentences.

Understand your analytics. Lara utilizes alexa.com, which assigns your site a US and (if applicable), global ranking based on the value of links to your blog. “It’s better to be followed by Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher than 6,000 people with small followings.” She also takes advantage of Google Analytics to know which posts do best.

Own your content. Lara’s policy is to write about products that inspire her. If she doesn’t like a product, she prefers to email her feedback to the company rather than writing a negative post, and she is deliberate in choosing brands to partner with.

Brands are businesses, and they will choose influencers who carry themselves well and have professional sites. Your page is a reflection of who you are.

If you are interested in working with a brand, send them samples of your work. When Lara made the transition to lifestyle, she sent examples of hotel content to potential clients. YouTubers who submit a reel set themselves apart.

Asking for money and asking for product are two different things. If you want to solicit a brand for money, it’s best to come to the table with a concept. Offer to be their correspondent at an event, for example, if you are looking to collaborate with a brand you love.

High-quality pictures are a necessity! Lara uses a Sony A6000 with the SEL35F18 fixed lens to take crisp product photos.


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