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The Hair Goddess of YouTube

The Hair Goddess of YouTube Kayley Melissa: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 29

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Kayley Melissa is a  YouTuber in Los Angeles who specializes in hair looks. She started her channel in 2010 and currently has 620k subscribers and 74 million views. She is a licensed cosmetologist and college graduate. She reveals her YouTube tips and tricks in this interview!

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Kayley Show Notes!

Beauty Bonus Round

3 Holy Grail Beauty and Hair Items:

1.)  Paul Mitchell Hot off the press texturizer spray

2.)  Schwarzkopf magic volume Powder

3.)  Marianna Bobby Pins from Sally’s. You can get a box for 700 for like $6 or $7

Three holy grail items for your channel:

1.)  Day Planner is great. It helps me keep myself on track. Day designer day planner. Old school paper one. I can’t do digital planners.

2.)  The plug ins I use on Final Cut pro are really great. FCP effects. Plug ins are great because they give you more text and font options so your channel doesn’t look like everyone else. You do have to pay for them but they make such a huge difference and I use it in every video so it’s more than worth it

3.)  Rookie: Instagram photo editing app. It’s so good, I love it. At the end it shows you the before and after when you are saving the image. The filters are the best filters. For me it’s the best photo editing app ever.

What are your favorite time management tools?

When you are working on your own you are making your own hours, it’s so easy to say, I’m going to give myself the day off but you really can’t. You have to be your own drill sergeant. A weekly to do list, a daily to do list are my two biggest things for time management and then prioritizing it by what’s the most important and doing the most important thing first.  That keeps me on track. I love making lists.  When I get really stressed I write everything down. When you have it all in your head it’s all flying around. It might only be 5 things but it seems like 50. When you write it down you think, Oh, I can do that.

Who is your beauty vlogger inspiration?

Amber Fillerup, https://www.youtube.com/user/fillerup8.

She is actually a blogger, she does make some videos but she is primarily a blogger. She has this long beautiful hair and has such a California vibe.

What would you not do again if you were to start your channel right now?

It’s hard. It’s those life questions. I would choose to never let the negative stuff get to me. I think I get myself down more than anything else. I would choose to not listen to my negative voice. I would choose to only look at the positives and value the things I have and the passion that I have. That is what I would do if I were to do it again.

What is your unfair advantage?

Being a licensed cosmetologist on YouTube. There are not a lot of us. I don’t know of a lot of well-known YouTubers that have licenses. I think that sets me apart.

What are you glad you did when you first started?

I have always been about community. I have always really loved listening to my subscribers and their requests and chosen my videos based on what they are requesting. I am very much a people pleaser and a community oriented person and that was the right choice for me. That is what helped me to feel the positivity and love for my channel at the beginning was giving back to my subscribers in a way by letting them have a part of my channel so I wasn’t just dictating. That was a way for me to interact and give back to my subscribers.

If you are a YouTuber, sign up for Grapevine (It’s FREE!)! You get connected with potential sponsors and other YouTubers looking to collaborate! (Plus you will be getting a special bonus exclusively for my listeners and you are supporting the show!) Click here.

You can find Kayley and her channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/LetsMakeitUp1

Author: Erika Vieira

Marketing and sales expert Erika Vieira is the host and producer of the #1 influencer strategy podcast, Beauty and the Vlog. The podcast, with over 100 episodes and hundreds of thousands of downloads is dedicated to content creators who are looking to start, improve and grow their unique influence online. Erika works with influencers on personal branding, content improvement and defining a niche via customized strategy sessions, channel critiques and business support. She also loves makeup, beauty and her family and believes anyone who has the drive and passion can find success online. Feel free to send her a message here.