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The Secret to a Successful Daily Vlog

The Secret to a Successful Daily Vlog with Kayleigh Noelle: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 4

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Kayleigh Noelle Show Notes! 

Below are some quotes and notes from the episode. For the entire episode, listen to the podcast or watch the YouTube video. Please note, some of the quotes have been edited for better readability.

In the Beginning:

There are girls out there that have curly hair too. I am going to go ahead and make videos for the curly hair girls out there. I started by making curly hair tutorials. I didn’t start making videos unti 2010.

I am my own boss. I can work when I want to work, its really nice.

I was shocked, I would upload a video and it would automatically say 301+ video views. In 15 minutes I already had 300 views. Really? There were already 300 people who watched this?

I was shocked that I was able to connect with so many people.

Life of a YouTuber:

I am by myself all the time. I stay at home and make videos and talk to a camera. I dont know who is behind the lens. Im just soitting here all awkward talking to myself and then I go and edit videos of myself. It gets a little lonely and I get tired of myself honestly, I dont want to look at myself anymore. Sick of me.

It was hartd to juggle YouTube with my college career. Once I graduated I was able to make more videos. I just needed to get out of school. It was really hard for me to do it while I was in school.

Its an actual work day, an 8 hour job.

I always am talking to my subscribers and trying to stay connected. I try and stay super super connected. Im your friend. Im going to teach you how to do stuff and we can do it together.

I think I am very down to earth, very chill person. I’m not all about fancy things. I can work with whatever. For my makeup and hair tutorials I try and use drugstore products, things that anybody can get and use. I am just a regular girl like all the people who watch me. I try and keep it very simple and chill.

Beauty Bonus Round:

Three Holy Grail Items:

1.) Chapstick: Tinted from Burts Bees with Pomegranate Oil with a red tint to it. Gives a little color and also moisturizes at the same time

2.) Stila Stay all day eyeliner

3.) Chi Silk Infusion: Heat Protectant

Favorite Social Media Platform:

Twitter: Twitter is my favorite. I don’t ignore anyone and I always reply. It’s the quickest way for someone to contact me.

What is your best tip for increasing video views and subscriber numbers:

Uploading a lot. You have to be consistent. You can’t just upload once one week and not the next week and then three the week after that. I know first hand because I have done that. You have to upload a few times a week every week so that people know when to expect you. It would be perfect if you can say the exact date when you are going to upload, put it on your banner in YouTube.

What do you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I would have known if I had uploaded more I would have grown exponentially faster. When I was in college my channel was in a rut, it rarely went anywhere because I barely uploaded and I barely talked to my subscribers either. Talk to your subscribers, staying connected. You have to stay connected everywhere.

Biggest Beauty Vlogger Inspiration:

Zoella. Shes so nice, she’s so friendly. She connects really well with her subscribers.

I dont want to gain subscribers just because I am friends with  someone else.

Best YouTube Advice:

Do what you love to do. It you have a forte. Like if you are really good at makeup, do makeup. I would start out with what you are really good at doing. That way people can tell that you are confident at it and want to see more from you.

Channel Stats:

340k subscribers and 31.4 million video views

Kayleigh’s Channel can be found HERE.

Author: Erika Vieira

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