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How to Start a Good YouTube Channel People Will Watch

How to Start a Good YouTube Channel People Will Watch with Shan Boodram: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 96

“If you show up for YouTube, YouTube will show up for you.” – Shan Boodram

If you’re considering getting in on the YouTube action, you’re probably wondering how to start a good YouTube channel, right? Building your YouTube channel to a highly successful level takes a considerable amount of time and effort so you want to make sure you get started off on the right foot.

Luckily, my guest today can help provide some great tips for how to start a good YouTube channel! Shan Boodram started off her adult life by going the traditional route and earning a degree in Journalism. She then wrote the book, Laid: Young Peoples Experiences with Sex in An Easy-Access Culture. However, when she found herself in a “massively toxic” relationship, she decided to leave Toronto and pursue a career in Los Angeles.

“If it wasn’t for that beautiful person saying yes to a complete stranger, I probably wouldn’t have half of the things that I love about myself today.” – Shan Boodram

Shan had used YouTube to promote her book and had built her channel to around 20,000 subscribers so, after her fourth failed pilot (for MTV, no less), she decided to become a Certified Sexologist and take her YouTube channel more seriously. Within six months, she grew her subscriber count to over 100,000! Don’t worry, she shares exactly how she did it in today’s episode.

Shan also shares exactly how to start a good YouTube channel, what elements of the process are the most important, the equipment she absolutely loves, her issues finding the right agent, and the incredible opportunities that have resulted from having a dominant presence in a relatively small YouTube niche … including her own multi-season web series with Fullscreen Media!

6 Key Interview Takeaways

  1. ) Don’t wait to get started. There’s no point finding out how to start a good YouTube channel if you have no intentions of actually starting. According to Shan, there is absolutely no reason for you to not be on YouTube right now.
  2. ) Consistency is key. Shan has noticed in her own experience with YouTube that being consistent is so incredibly important. She always notices a dip in views after she takes a break so she recommends to put something out, no matter what.
  3. ) Find a balance between picking a good niche and talking about your passion. Shan has almost 263,000 YouTube subscribers. While this is no small number, it’s not as high as many of the other YouTubers who aren’t getting nearly as many incredible opportunities as she is. Shan attributes this to being able to stand out in a relatively small niche that she is passionate about.
  4. ) Diversify your revenue streams. “Adpocolypse” is no joke for a lot of YouTubers at the moment. Some lost their main source of income almost overnight. This is terrifying and exactly why it’s so important to not rely on any one particular revenue stream.
  5. ) The production quality of your videos is actually really important. While Shan does say you shouldn’t wait to get started, she does have a word of caution for anyone wanting to present themselves as an expert in their niche. Shan and I both agree that, when you present yourself as an expert, the production quality of your content must be great. If it’s not, you’re not likely to be taken seriously.
  6. ) You can’t count on anything when it comes to YouTube. Shan learned this lesson the hard way after devoting a large amount of time and effort into a creating a five-part series that she was very passionate and excited about. She was sure it would do well and was shocked when it didn’t. Instead of letting it stop her, she’s learning what she can improve and will apply it towards the next project.

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