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How to Find Your Passion as a YouTube Food Influencer

How to Find Your Passion as a YouTube Food Influencer with KeepUpWithLiv: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 102

“You really can’t just do what everyone else is doing. You have to actually be you.”

In the world of YouTube where there is so much content and so many people doing the same thing, success comes to those who do what they are passionate about. For some, it can be DIYs; for others, it can be makeup tutorials. Still for others, like 25-year-old Olivia Marie, AKA KeepUpWithLiv, it can be their passion for healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle, which results in them becoming a YouTube food influencer.

“I just really like the community aspect of YouTube and being able to talk to people all around the world …”

Do you think you have what it takes to be a YouTube food influencer just like our guest in today’s episode? Well, if you’re a foodie who’s passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, then don’t hold back thinking you’ve got to make the same “trending” videos as everybody else. Listen and learn as Olivia Marie shares her journey from being just a regular YouTuber to becoming a YouTube food influencer with about 105k subscribers and over 6 million video views.

“If you want to be on YouTube then you need to be part of the community.”

Wanting to share her tips, tricks, and healthy recipes to more than just her family and friends, Olivia Marie wanted to create a platform that “helps you live your best life” and shows that living a healthy lifestyle can be fun and delicious! Enjoy!

7 Key Interview Takeaways

1.) Your passion comes across on camera. When Olivia Marie started doing more of her healthy lifestyle videos, which is what she’s truly passionate about, she noticed those videos did much better than the other videos in her channel. She realized then that people can really tell when you’re passionate about what you’re doing versus when you’re making a video just because you think it’ll get you more views.

2.) Make your videos look more professional. Don’t let having just one camera stop you from getting a more professional look to your videos. Having some dimension and using different camera angles is totally a sign of professionalism and higher quality. There’s a learning curve to it, but you can create the illusion of being a studio even with just one camera.

3.) Catchy titles can do wonders for your channel. Titles are very, very important. You can catch people’s attention by using lists and buzzwords.

4.) If you want to be a YouTube food influencer, make food the focus of your thumbnails. You can do away with words in your thumbnails but focus on making the food look good. People can be drawn in to the image of the food.

5.) Make sure your tags are very relevant to what people are searching and what the video is about. Olivia says,When people search in the search bar, you want them to find your video, so you have to make sure that your tags are good.” Also, “Make sure your title and your first tag are the same, and include that in the first line of your description.”

6.) Avoid click bait titles. Olivia advises to make sure your videos are what the titles say they are because click bait titles will end up actually hurting your channel. When people click on a video and they realize it’s not what it’s supposed to be, they exit out of the video, and YouTube won’t promote your videos after seeing the watch times are very short.

7.) You want to be genuine and active in the YouTube community. Interact with others and comment genuinely on other people’s videos. As Olivia says, “That can turn into a friendship, which can turn into a collaboration, which will help get you noticed.

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Author: Erika Vieira

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