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Grapevine Logic

Click HERE to join and get a $100 bonus on your first paycheck from Grapevine. It’s free and no contract! For more info on Grapevine, listen to my interview with community manager Kimberly Bond below.

I am excited to announce our partnership with Grapevine! If you are a YouTuber and you haven’t heard of Grapevine, I encourage you to check them out. Grapevine is a marketplace that helps YouTubers find sponsors. Join thousands of other bloggers who already use Grapevine to work with brands like Remmington, It Cosmetics, Walgreens and much more! Grapevine is free to join and there are no contracts, plus, what I love is the personalized support and constant communication you get from Grapevine.

In addition to hooking up with sponsors, Grapevine just launched Match which is like a dating service for YouTubers. It connects you with other YouTubers who are looking to collaborate. We all know how crucial it is to collaborate with other YouTubers. The best part is, it’s all free and no contracts. Join now to see what sponsorships are available in the marketplace and to start collaborating with new YouTube friends. Go HERE to apply, and for being a listener and viewer of the podcast you’ll receive a $100 bonus on your first paycheck from Grapevine. PLUS you will be supporting the show. Thank you and MUAH! 🙂 The best part is, it’s free and NO contracts. Tweet us at @beautyvlogs when you sign up!

Sign up for Grapevine HERE! Support the show AND get your $100 BONUS exclusively to Beauty and the Vlog listeners, it’s FREE!


Octoly is a free marketplace for YouTubers that allows them to receive free product directly from brands. I’ve used this service and it’s pretty nice! They have a rotating marketplace of dozens of products ranging from hair, beauty, lifestyle, and fitness. Some of the brands that I have seen in the marketplace include Pur minerals, Korres, Real Techniques, Weleda, Hot Tools and lots more. There is no cost to you, the YouTuber to use this service, the only requirement is if you receive a product, you must do a review on YouTube. You can select up to 5 different products at a time. Once you do a YouTube review of one product, you can then select another product. This is a great tool for YouTubers to receive products to review for free that are new to the market. There are SO many costs affiliated with being on YouTube, its nice to receive things for free every now and then and provide insight to your audience from brands you might not otherwise have checked out!

Use this link to sign up for a $5 bonus gift card from you choice of Amazon or Sephora: Octoly Sign Up


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