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Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on YouTube

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started on YouTube with Tim Schmoyer: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 55

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started on YouTube with Tim Schmoyer RECAP:

Welcome to the Beauty and the Vlog Podcast Episode 54! To listen to the episode, click on the pink bar above or listen on iTunes or Stitcher (Android). While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe!

The best YouTubers, according to Tim Schmoyer, YouTube expert and my guest for this episode of the podcast, have both a value proposition and a relational component to their channel. What does he mean by value proposition? As a YouTuber, you are trying to reach a targeted audience. By connecting to a clearly defined audience, you are building a strong and loyal viewership. According to Tim, “when someone subscribes, they want to watch every single video you do, because they know what value they get from you every single time.”

How do you accomplish this? Ask yourself the question, who are you trying to reach with your videos? Then, create content for that person. At the same time, you then need to reveal why your channel and content matters. Why should people care? Why should people care about YOU talking about a particular product? How is what you do unique or different than what is out there? Your WHY will define that. (If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my podcast episode where we go into detail on finding your why and niche). A why might be, because as a high school student, getting ready to leave for college, you are on a budget, have crazy curly hair with freckles and are looking for beauty tools that help you look and feel better about yourself that won’t break the bank. OR, maybe you are a new mom and you don’t have the time to spend hours on your makeup, but you still want to look fresh and put together; you have stick straight hair and crazy dry skin that is prone to flaking. These are just a couple examples, but as you notice, the more specific, the better. There will be people that relate to all or some part of who you are. As Tim mentioned “you need to make somebody feel like, yes, this is the place for me. She is talking exactly to me, she is speaking exactly what I need to know or hear.”

The second, but equally important piece to the puzzle, is the perceived relationship. Its not just about the content itself, but how likeable you are. How exactly would you accomplish this? As the dozens of YouTubers I have interviewed all said, simply be yourself. Being yourself is revealing personal parts of who you are, your beliefs or simply your activities and interests. In addition to doing a review on the latest foundation, drop in a few statements about your day or your personal life. Those additional insights into who you are create that relationship between you and the viewer.

Let’s recap. To have a successful channel, it’s not simply putting up content about makeup or lifestyle. A successful YouTuber must go deeper than that. The two essential elements of a YouTube channel must include both a value proposition and a relational component. Let your audience know the value of your channel, what makes you unique and how your unique perspective is providing exactly what they are looking for. Those that are looking for or relate to what you have to offer will be loyal, faithful viewers.  Then, you must reveal who you are and your beliefs to create the relationship between you and your viewers. Tim summed it all up perfectly, “This is what some of the best YouTubers do, they have a good balance between relational value and actual content value”. Make sure you listen to the full interview for more tips from YouTube expert Tim Schmoyer related to all things YouTube. For more on this particular topic, make sure you check out my podcast episode, How to Launch Your YouTube Chanel Lesson 1

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • The two essential elements you need when starting a YouTube Channel.
  • If you should join an MCN (multi channel network).
  • The easiest way to make money on YouTube (but nobody is doing it! )
  • What YouTube values more than anything else when ranking your video.
  • Why you NEED haters.

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Author: Erika Vieira

Marketing and sales expert Erika Vieira is the host and producer of the #1 influencer strategy podcast, Beauty and the Vlog. The podcast, with over 100 episodes and hundreds of thousands of downloads is dedicated to content creators who are looking to start, improve and grow their unique influence online. Erika works with influencers on personal branding, content improvement and defining a niche via customized strategy sessions, channel critiques and business support. She also loves makeup, beauty and her family and believes anyone who has the drive and passion can find success online. Feel free to send her a message here.