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Why I started the podcast and MY story Erika Vieira: BV 47

Why I started the podcast and MY story Erika Vieira: BV 47

I get a lot of questions from people wanting to know a little about me, Erika Vieira and my journey to starting the Beauty and the Vlog podcast. I decided to go into a little detail and reveal a little more personal side of myself for this episode. I hope you enjoy it!


Here are a few things you will learn:

1.) What I did in high school that taught me my #1 skill.

2.) The unconventional way I landed my first job out of college.

3.) How I became really good at interviewing people.

4.) What inspired me to interview influencers and start the Beauty and the Vlog podcast

5.) What type of company I launched and sold prior to starting the podcast.

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Erika Vieira

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4 Responses to Why I started the podcast and MY story Erika Vieira: BV 47

  1. Really enjoyed hearing this podcast! I can relate to your sales/business background and am excited to hear that side/aspect of this crazy YouTube world!

    • Thats awesome Sam! Sales/Business can definitely be helpful with starting and growing a youtube channel

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