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Finding Your Editing Style on YouTube

Finding Your Editing Style on YouTube with Emily Mitchell: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 35

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Emily Mitchell AKA ThatGashiongirl03 is a 16 year old YouTuber obsessed with fashion and style. Emily started making videos at the young age of 12 when she encountered a health problem and had to wear a back brace. She found freedom and fun through YouTube. Emily now has 176k subscribers and almost 9 million video views.

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Holy Grail Items:

Laptop: If I didn’t have that I wouldn’t be able to upload and edit videos. My tripod because I have to film everything itself. My makeup mirror, light up from the container store. Round light up makeup mirror.

Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner. I just got it two days ago, but I wear winged eyeliner everyday.

Hoola bronzer is great. Its not too orange which is great.

I like the MAC lip liner in Soar.

What are your favorite time management tools?

My phone, I have lots of reminders on there.

What is the best opportunity you have gotten from YouTube?

I recently got to work with this company called take and make. I got to create two DIY boxes which was really awesome. I got to work with Triangle swimwear, which is my favorite swimwear ever. They sent me some swimwear and I got to do this whole video about them and show different ways to cover up your swimsuit. I showed it in my swimsuit collection. Ever since I have been with Melrose and Park, they have gotten me a lot of opportunities, before that, companies would contact me themselves. I’ve been with them since last May, almost a year. Before that, I would reach out to companies, email them, introduce myself. Ever since my channel started to grow I started getting more responses. Around 5k or 10k subscribers is where brands were interested in working with me. At first it was just product but ever since I’ve been working with Melrose and Park I’ve been getting paid. My friends work at the mall or McDonalds and I get to make videos.

Dream Collaboration?

Beyond Beauty Star. I’ve watched her since I was 12 and been watching her videos progress.

What would you not do again if you were to start your channel right now?

I think I would change my username. I made this video explaining why I had my username but the whole time I was explaining my username, I was using the wrong name. I would change my username and change getting a camera earlier. I used my moms phone, which was not a good quality. Quality helps a lot. I use the Canon US Rebel T31  with the sigma F1.4 lens 30 ml.  Lots of trial and error to find that.

What are you glad you did do when you started your channel?

I started in 8th grade and didn’t tell a lot of people about it. I think I’m glad I didn’t tell people. Now that a lot of people know, they think I’m this huge awesome person. I think a lot of people deal with being used because of their size. I’m glad I didn’t tell people then, but people know now. My closest friends know and think its cool but I feel like people don’t understand, they make fun of me for it. I know also some people who ask me to do a shout out even though they are not my friends. I think there is a lot of fakeness that comes with it.

What is your unfair advantage?

I think that there is not always a time limit to upload videos. In an everyday job you have a specific schedule. At YouTube its easy to get lazy. You have to keep yourself grounded otherwise you are going to lose your audience and everything you’ve built. It’s hard to stay grounded but you need to learn to keep making videos.

If you are a YouTuber, sign up for Grapevine (It’s FREE!)! You get connected with potential sponsors and other YouTubers looking to collaborate! (Plus you will be getting a special bonus exclusively for my listeners and you are supporting the show!) Click here.

You can find Emily and her channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/Thatfashiongirl03



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