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The Unexpected Secret of a Successful YouTuber

The #1 Secret of a Successful YouTuber with Danielle Marie: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 65

This week’s interview on the Beauty and the Vlog podcast features the young and adorable Danielle Marie. Danielle is only 17 years old and has been on YouTube since she was 10! She has achieved tremendous success and has worked on campaigns with multiple companies including Victoria’s Secret. Danielle has 270k Subscribers and 17 million video views.

What is Danielle’s secret to success? Listen to the podcast for the full story. You can listen by clicking on the pink bar above or listen via iTunes or Stitcher. (When you are there, please subscribe and review!)

“As long as you have your own individual niche and you are not doing something that everyone else is doing you will find success on YouTube.”

In this Episode You Will Learn:

1.) The one piece of equipment that is essential for the “YouTube look”.

2.) Danielle’s trick for picking video topics.

3.) How Danielle went from 40k to 250k subs in less than a year and what she did to do that.

4.) The genius way Danielle balanced making videos her subscribers want vs. videos that will help her get views and grow her channel.

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Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview. Listen to the podcast for the full story  iTunes or Stitcher

When I was first starting, I did a lot of videos that people would search for. I did a lot of room tours, everyday makeup routines and simple videos that were easy to find. Once I got more viewers I did facts about me videos so that people could get to know me. Those are the videos I remember filming the most.

I think people have to ask themselves before they start a channel why they are doing this. I’ve seen so many people start a channel purely because they think they know what comes out of it. I can sometimes see through people who make these videos like life hacks which is overly saturated and they think that if they post these videos they will get views and will make money and live in LA. It can’t be just about that. It should be about you having your message and wanting to sit down and film about it and really care about it. Just film the videos that you want to film. It makes me sad sometimes, I was thinking, do you really ask yourself why you made this? Do you actually enjoy it or are you doing it because it’s popular right now. You’ve got to enjoy it too. 

I literally started my channel seven years ago and it’s finally starting to pick up now. 

I think one of the biggest struggles for me and I kind of touched on it earlier is that there are a lot of different types of videos that I film. The videos that I get the most engagement on are the videos that get the least amount of views. I get so many requests for certain types of videos because my fanbase is young, middle school and high school. A lot of girls are going through a rough time growing up, confidence issues and body issues. I love talking about stuff like that and inspiring them and I get the sweetest messages from so many girls telling me that I help them in their lives and so on.  I get so many requests to do videos about being confident, or how to be stress-free, a lot of inspirational videos and those are my favorite videos to sit down and film. However I struggle, I get the most comments and best feedback, from those types of videos but I run into the issue of not growing as fast and not doing the videos that get views.  

I love that moment when you post a video and you’re getting comments and likes, it makes me so happy to see that people are loving the videos. It is my favorite thing, it’s like Christmas.

You want to have consistent thumbnails so it shows that you are creating a brand.

It’s really important because people like consistency. They like knowing you are going to post on these days. They like to know you have a certain style. I think it’s really important to be consistent and have fun with it.

I get feedback from people saying that I radiate positivity in my videos. When I film, I am the happiest person alive. 

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Author: Erika Vieira

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