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How to Be a YouTuber in College

How to Be a YouTuber in College with Dani Austin: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 19

Dani Austin is a full time college student in Texas who got her start in YouTube with the help of her brother, YouTuber and musician Landon Austin. Dani Austin details her rise to YouTube success along with a unique opportunity she experienced spending time in the YouTube studios in Los Angeles. Dani has 108k subscribers with 3.6 million video views.

What are your three Holy Grail Beauty Items?

Glam Glow Facial Mask Clearing Treatment: This stuff works overnight, it helps me with my pimples and breakouts.

Jouer Matte tinted Moisturizer: Amazing for waking up and going to class real quick.

Bare Minerals Moxie Lipsticks: They are so moisturizing but they are also Matte. I feel like a lot of Matte lipsticks make you lips feel dry, but these don’t, they’re amazing.

What would be your best tip that someone can implement today that will help them increase their video views and subscribers?

Connecting with someone or collaborating even if it’s not on a YouTube video. Doing a Twitter giveaway or an instagram giveaway or something like that and connecting with another YouTuber or another girl that is around your size and you guys understand each other. I think building those friendships online or via YouTube is really important and really helpful.

Who is your Beauty Vlogger Inspiration:

Ingrid Nelson: She is amazing, I respect her so much. She is herself all the time. You can trust everything she says. She’s so sweet, such a good person.

What do you wish you knew when you first started?

I wish I knew how to use a camera and that lighting matters and that the quality of your videos does matter. Invest in some nice lights.

What piece of advice can you give to someone starting their own channel?

Take advantage of other platforms as well. You don’t really know where YouTube is going to be in 10 years. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Spread yourself out via the other platforms. Maybe it’s blogging for you or starting your own business. Keeping up with snapchat and Twitter and all of these new innovations all the time, it will just help you grow a lot.

What is your favorite social media platform?

My favorite is instagram. I love it because I feel like it is another peek into my life without all of the glamorous side of it. It’s like me, you see my friends, my dog and you see what I’m studying and eating. I like doing collaborations with my favorite brand or other girls on instagram, i think it’s really cool. In Austin, there is an instagram community and they go on instagram walks.  I wouldn’t say my instagram is totally professional it’s just like me studying in messy hair.

What is really exciting you about your channel right now?

I am going to post any content I am passionate about. If you look at my channel I just posted how to make pizza and my thoughts on marriage. People don’t look at them and think beauty and fashion. I post anything girly. Anything that if I had an older sister, I wish she would have told me. I am excited to dive into all kind of content.


Author: Erika Vieira

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