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How To Brand Your YouTube Channel In 9 Easy Steps

How To Brand Your YouTube Channel In 9 Easy Steps: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 77

Let’s Get Started:

Here we are, Lesson 2 from my “How to Get Started on YouTube” series. I really hope you got a lot out of Lesson 1. I have received SO MANY comments from people who were able to apply the lesson and improve their channel IMMEDIATELY. Some people said they had an increase in over 1k new subs on their channel just from that one lesson! I was blown away! Defining and honing in on your niche is crucial to success in social media, check out how to get started on YouTube the right way. Make sure you download the Niche Discovery Guide and work through it prior to getting started on your branding.

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Why Branding Matters:

OK, so you’ve got your niche, why and superpower. Yay! If you don’t make sure you download the free workbook, fill it out and come back to here.  Next step is to BRAND your YouTube channel and incorporate your niche in the process. Branding is really important and will definetely help separate you from the pack. I would take a little time on this and really consider the look and feel of your channel. People love consistency and the more you are consistent with both your channel and all graphics throughout your channel, the more people will want to stay and be part of your little world on YouTube. Branding is basically you telling your story and your “why” through your copy, images and artwork on your channel. Spending a few minutes (or hours) on your branding, no matter where you are at with your channel helps to realign your focus, niche and why. Please note, this doesn’t have to happen before starting your channel or before you move onto the other steps. Branding is something that will develop over time. But, its important to start thinking about these things at the beginning.

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1.) PicMonkey and Canva: The Essential Tools to Brand Your YouTube Channel

First step, if you haven’t already, spend some nice quality time with your new best friends, Canva and Picmonkey. If you already have graphic arts experience with Photoshop, by all means, you are ahead of the curve and use those skills! If you are probably like me,  you will want to really get familiar with those two platforms. The best part is that they are both free! Both websites have ample tutorials that I encourage you to spend some time watching. I personally love canva and tend to use it over PicMonkey. The main reason I like Canva is that it allows you to create templates that you can reuse again and again. That is important for a couple reasons. One, a few well made templates help to maintain a uniform look on your channel and keep your thumbnails and blog posts looking consistent with similar fonts and colors. Second, it saves SO much time! However, please note that PicMinkey might be a better option for you if you are really creative, since it has more features than canva. Play around with both and you will probably decide on your own which one you prefer. A thorough understanding of a great graphics software like PicMonkey and Canva are the cornerstone of this lesson.

2.) Your Channel Homepage

Next, lets focus on your YouTube channel home page. This home page is very important and will often determine if someone will subscribe to your channel. Most subscribers you get will often come from this page. If someone discovers your channel through a video they found via search, most often, that person will spend some time perusing your channel, especially this important page. After spending a few seconds checking it out, will determine if they are going to subscribe or not. Think about when you check out a channel for the first time. What are the types of things you like to see? I can’t stress how important this page is to your overall brand and growth of your channel.

While playing around with PicMonkey and Canva, thnk about the colors and fonts you want in all of your graphics. People love consistency and the easiest way to start creating your brand image is by picking two to three colors and two fonts that you will consistently use throughout your channel on your thumbnails, graphics within your video and YouTube banner. Of course, you can always change your mind and alter it and adjust it in the future, but creating the imagine from the start will lend an air of credibility to you and your channel.

3.) YouTube Channel Artwork

When someone visits your channel, your YouTube artwork is the first thing most people will see. Your artwork should be a reflection of you, the niche you are targeting and your upload schedule. I would include at least one photo of yourself, and a brief description of the value your channel has to your audience. You can start your phrase with, “Helping you . .” or “I help you . . “. Or, you can give a brief description of your niche yourself yourself. I’m a vegan college student in Texa who loves fashion, or something like that. You can also just use three words like, Vegan, College, Southern Girl or something like that. I would avoid using more than one of Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Makeup and things like that if possible. You can include those words, but I would throw in a few other phrases or words that are more unique. The main goal is to portray in a brief description of who you are and what people will expect to see on your channel. Keep it brief! Check out these channel banners for some ideas. (Please note that all of the links I include are from YouTubers I have featured on my channel. I will list the interviews at the end of this blog post in case you haven’t listened to one and would like to catch up!

Here is the template you can use when putting together your YouTube artwork. Keep with the colors and fonts that you decided on while playing around with the graphic software and use that in creating your banner. One other thing you might want to consider is creating a logo. You can do that yourself through pic monkey or you can have one created as I did. For me, it was important to have a strong logo from the start for the reason I explained above, to build credibility to my website and podcast. I used 99 designs and was really happy with the process. I started my branding with the logo and built it out from there.

*A note about your headshot. I would encourage you to try and take a photo of yourself in front of a bright background. It doesn’t have to be a professional shot, just take your camera and use a tripod and take a few clear, good quality photos in front of a solid brightly colored background. If you don’t have a solid bright colored background, the next best thing is a whilte background with you wearing a solid, brightly colored top.

Podcast guest Jeanine Amapola has a great one and so does Mikayla.

4.) Channel Trailer

Next, I want you to upload a channel trailer. YouTube gives you the option of selecting one video to highlight at the top of your YouTube home page below your channel banner. This is a great opportunity to showcase either your BEST video or to create a channel trailer demonstrating the value proposition of your channel and give a glimpse of your personality. Obviously, if you are brand new, skip this step but come back to it in 6 months when you have a nice volume of work and can put together a trailer. If you don’t have the time to put together a trailer, or you have only had your channel less than 6 months, it’s ok to pick one of your favorite videos to put in that slot. However, I would encourage you to eventually create that “commercial” for your channel. There are many reasons why having a channel trailer is important. One is to attract new subscribers, but the other will be helpful when you start working with brands and use it as tool to reach out to them and showcase you and your personality.

Here are examples of a few great channel trailers:

5.) Playlists!

Next, I want you to create playlists! Playlists are SO important and not enough people take advantage of this feature. There are a few reasons why you should create playlists. One, I will explain in detail here, another I will go into further in my YouTube SEO lesson in a few weeks. For the purposes of this branding lesson, a playlist helps to give a potential subscriber a look into the types of videos you create without having to actually watch anything. They can see at a glance the variety of videos you create. I would create three playlists, but you can create 4 or more if you like. The first playlist should be your “best of”. After that,  you can cateogitrze them by type or even better, by how they can help your audience. Maybe you do a bunch of basic makeup 101 videos, that can be a playlist. Maybe you do “how to organize your makeup” videos, that could be a playlist. Just group like videos in a playlist and name it something that demonstrates the value to the audience.

Here are some good examples:

6.)Video Content

Last, I want you to consider the content of your videos. Branding can also be a language component as well. There might be a specific language or terms that can unite your channel. The most obvious is a name for your tribe. That, however, will come with time. I am still trying to come up with a good one for me and my podcast (if you have any ideas, let me know!!) It should seem organic without trying too hard. But, its something to keep in mind as you are building your channel. There are other sayings and things you can start to incorporate into your channel that become a constant, such as the way you intro your videos or certain little phrases and sayings or how you exit your videos. As I mentioned, it might not be something you can think of right away, but over time, you can build up a language for you, your channel and your audience which will contribute to your overall brand.

7.)Video Intro

The first thing people see when watching your video is an intro. You might want to consider creating one to add some consistency to all your videos. A quick two second video clip is all you need. I used Fiverr to create mine. Here are a couple good ones:

8.)Video Outro

The last thing people see is your end card. You want to create an end card using the elements of your “brand” such as your logo, headshot, fonts and colors. Obviously, be creative with this, but it’s important to keep the look and feel of your channel consistent. Here are some channels with great end cards.

9.) Thumbnails

And finally, Thumbnails! Thumbnails are SO important to getting people to click on your video when coming up in searches or in their feed. Thumbnails should be bright, eye-catching, and any fonts should be big and legible. Also, you want your thumbnail to reflect the look and brand of your channel. You want someone to quickly glance at one of your thumbnails and know immediately it is your channel. You can get really creative with your thumbnails but make sure they stand out and are consistent. If you are new to thumbnails, the dimension should be 1280×720 and you can create them in PicMonkey and Canva as described above.
Here are some good examples:
Phew! That was quite the lesson. I hope you got a lot out of “How to Brand Your YouTube Channel” and are able to take this advice and incorporate it into your channel. As I’ve mentioned before, I am all about actionable tips and I hope that these were able to provide some guidance and actual things you can put into action TODAY.
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Comment below what you learned from this lesson and what things you changed with your channel

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Author: Erika Vieira

Marketing and sales expert Erika Vieira is the host and producer of the #1 influencer strategy podcast, Beauty and the Vlog. The podcast, with over 100 episodes and hundreds of thousands of downloads is dedicated to content creators who are looking to start, improve and grow their unique influence online. Erika works with influencers on personal branding, content improvement and defining a niche via customized strategy sessions, channel critiques and business support. She also loves makeup, beauty and her family and believes anyone who has the drive and passion can find success online. Feel free to send her a message here.

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