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Why 2018 is the year to go ALL IN for YouTube

Why 2018 is the year to go ALL IN for YouTube with insight from Gary Vaynerchuk: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 122 “The one thing I’m seeing from creators is that they are getting so growth hack oriented that it […]

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Channel

In this episode of Beauty and the Vlog, I am diving deep into using Pinterest for YouTube traffic with Jenny Blaisdell of Confetti Social! It’s a topic that I get asked a lot about and, for me personally, Pinterest has definitely been a game changer! I hope you guys can learn new tips and tricks for leveraging Pinterest and enjoy the show!

An Inside Look Into How YouTuber Emzotic Grew From 1,000 Subscribers to 300k in Less Than 8 Months: Beauty and the Vlog Mastermind Success Story – Part 2

If you were able to catch last week’s episode of the Beauty and the Vlog, then you must be looking forward to listening to this week’s podcast! Today, I’m bringing you part two of my interview with Emma of Emzotic! Find out more about her incredible journey and get inspired by her success! There is nothing impossible when you are driven by passion and love for what you do!

The Power of an Influencer Community

In this episode of Beauty and the Vlog, we’re going to explore the power of an influencer com-munity with Style Collective’s Annie Spano. Find out how you can successfully grow your brand and cultivate your tribe! Learn how you can connect and collaborate with other influencers and be empowered while doing what you love and staying true to yourself!

Money Making Strategies As An Influencer

In this episode of Beauty and the Vlog, I talk about mindfulness, meditation, positivity, and making money as an influencer with Jessica Nazarali. I know you guys have been asking for this, so I’m really excited to be able to deliver on your request! Also, you will hear a lot about blog coaching and blog consulting and how you can turn it into a lucrative business.

All About Podcasting: The Good and The Bad

In this episode of Beauty and the Vlog, I talk about podcasting and what people can do if they want to start one. I know there are some people in my audience that have thought about starting a podcast, if they haven’t already, so this episode is filled with helpful tips and advice to help future podcasters get started.

The Top 10 Tools You Need For A Successful YouTube Channel

In this episode of Beauty and the Vlog, I reveal the top ten essential tools that every YouTube creator needs to get if they are going to be serious about their channel. I am often asked in my mastermind and my Facebook group recommendations for lighting, cameras and other equipment. This list is geared towards people just starting out or looking to enhance their existing, but basic set-up.