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Tips for Being Yourself on YouTube with LaToya Codner: Beauty and the Vlog Episode 57

Tips for Being Yourself on YouTube with LaToya Codner: Beauty and the Vlog Episode 57

My thoughts and takeaways: Tips for Being Yourself on YouTube

Welcome to the Beauty and the Vlog podcast episode 57!  To listen to the full episode, click on the pink bar above or check us out on iTunes or Stitcher. (Subscribe there while you are at it!)

I loved chatting with LaToya. We have similar personalities and had a ton of fun in this interview. I met her at Generation Beauty earlier this year in LA while we were both hustling and chatting up a rep from a huge hair care line. I listened to her pitch the rep and I was like, ok, I need this girl on my podcast. We exchanged cards and the rest is history!

LaToya is on the smaller side of YouTubers who I interview, but her story is really interesting and inspiring. She is a hustler and a hard worker who has incorpoerated her talent for acting and speaking into her channel. She also hit on an important point of finding what your audience likes and going with it. She mentions an amazing internet resource I had never heard of that I am obsessed with now as well as some good advice when it comes to embracing yourself and being yourself on YouTube.

What You Will Learn:

  • What it means to have multiple channels on YouTube
  • Her experiences losing her YouTube channel.
  • Hugely valuable internet resource.
  • Embracing who you are and being yourself on YouTube.

My Favorite Quotes from the Interview:

Being Yourself on YouTube
Being Yourself on YouTube


“Best thing to do is to be yourself . Live in that powerful place. That stands out more than anything.”

“Be yourself but also be smart about it. Figure out how you fit in, what is your niche, do your research.”

“Knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and owning what you have to bring to the table.”

Topics Mentioned:

  • Having multiple channels on YouTube
  • Losing your YouTube channel
  • Hugely valuable internet resource
  • Embracing who you are

Links mentioned:

My podcast featuring Michelle Phan’s mentor session.


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2 Responses to Tips for Being Yourself on YouTube with LaToya Codner: Beauty and the Vlog Episode 57

  1. Hi Erika, awesome podcast episode! I love how in each I am never left hanging with questions because you seem to get all the ones I want to know.

    I thought in this episode the awesome resource was “Think with Google” that’s what got me to your site:). The link you have in your notes took me somewhere else… might have been a glitch.

    Thank for your podcasts and keep em’ coming!!


    • Thank you for the kind words and I will check on that link! I’m glad you are enjoying the podcasts! 🙂

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