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YouTube’s Newest Superstar & How She Rose to the Top CRAZY Fast: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 73

YouTube’s Newest Superstar & How She Rose to the Top CRAZY Fast: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 73

Beauties, the interview you’ve been asking for via the Facebook group has finally arrived! This episode of the podcast features Amber Scholl, the YouTuber who has cornered the market on teaching us how to ball out on a budget. She started her channel just five months ago, and she already has 320,000 subscribers and 10.5 million video views.

This time on the podcast, Amber opens up about her channel’s incredible growth, the message of empowerment she wants to express and the secrets to her success.

 Key Interview Takeaways

Do what you love. Rather than copying videos that are already out there, ask yourself, “What do I want to create?” Amber credits her success to the fact that her videos are something no one else has done before. Because she had no preconceived notion of what she was supposed to be doing, she created a channel that is entirely unique.

Keep it spontaneous. While Amber is committed to posting on a regular basis, she doesn’t plan video topics in advance. Instead, she gets inspiration from what she feels like doing that day.

Listen to your subscribers. Amber’s most popular videos were made in response to requests from her followers.

Consider trending topics. When the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was trending, Amber took advantage and created a DIY video that taught viewers how to make a rhinestone robe on a budget.

Keep dreaming. Amber had big aspirations to pursue a career in broadcasting, but even with a degree from Pepperdine, she struggled to find work in the field – or any field for that matter. It was only when she felt she had nowhere else to turn that Amber got a new dream and started developing her YouTube channel.

Don’t promote something that you don’t truly love. Though Amber has been approached by several brands, she only promotes the ones she is genuinely a fan of.

When it comes to equipment, spend your money on a good camera. Though Amber doesn’t use any lighting equipment and edits her videos with the program iMovie (because it was free!), she does recommend investing in a quality camera to make your videos look crisp and professional. She uses a Canon G7 X for both her videos and Instagram photos.

Spread the love. Amber’s ultimate goal is to blow the stigma off what being a girl is like and empower women to live their most fabulous life, loving themselves and supporting each other.


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