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All About Podcasting: The Good and The Bad

All About Podcasting: The Good and The Bad with Podcaster Ashley Johnson: Beauty and the Vlog Podcast 116

“Podcasting is a lot less work than YouTube.”

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Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? How is podcasting different from having a YouTube channel? How do you start a podcast of your own? If you’re asking these questions, you can get the answers right here in this episode! Our guest, Ashley Johnson, will share some tips with us as she tells us how she started her own podcast.

Ashley was initially from Minnesota and she moved to South Florida when she started dating her now ex-boyfriend. When she moved half-way across the country, she would often have calls with her friend. One day, she accidentally recorded a conversation they had on her computer. When she discovered the recording months later, it just cracked her up! So, she decided to upload it.

“It’s still surprising how some people don’t know what a podcast is.”

From then on, Ashley and her friend decided to just start recording their conversations. They would talk about relationships and dating and, soon enough, people started listening. They first called the podcast Unedited Living. They didn’t edit anything, nothing was cut out, it was really poor quality, but it worked! People resonated with it!

“I love podcasting. I love talking.”

After a while of doing that, Ashley changed the name of her podcast to Your Morning After and they still talk about their personal lives a little bit, but they also cover other podcasts, pop culture, and dating.

Ashley doesn’t have a niche and she doesn’t need one. Podcasting works even if you just talk about anything under the sun! You, too, can start your very own podcast just like that!

“I live on podcasts.”

9 Key Interview Takeaways

  1. Podcasting can be marketed in so many different ways. Whether it’s in Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you can market your podcast in your existing platforms and gain an audience.
  2. Have a host that can support a lot of listeners and a lot of people downloading your podcast episodes. You may think you won’t have a lot of listeners when you’re just starting out, and maybe you will start that way, but it’s something you have to anticipate and be ready for.
  3. Collaborations are REALLY important in podcasting. Being a guest on other podcasts and doing collaborations will definitely help grow your audience.
  4. Prioritize good sound quality. As Ashley pointed out, “It takes just a couple of seconds for somebody to find your podcast and click on it, and it only takes them a couple of seconds to never come back again.” If you’re podcasting, you want to do away with all the background noise and have your sound quality be as perfect as possible.
  5. Don’t over-prepare. People can see right through it. Just be yourself. If you’re podcasting, it really should be something that you really enjoy talking about and that you know a lot about.
  6. Build a community around your podcast on some other platform, like a Facebook group. In podcasting, you don’t have that instantaneous reaction like you do with YouTube. You don’t have a place for people to “like” an episode or leave a comment about it within the podcast, so this can be a really nice way to connect with your audience.
  7. You can have both a YouTube channel and a podcast at the same time. You can interact more with people on YouTube, but for downloading, more people would turn to the podcast.
  8. You can’t be shy. Ashley says that when you’re podcasting, you can’t really hold back. You have to be vulnerable and be a little self-deprecating sometimes.
  9. Don’t act like you know it all. If you act like you’re aiming for perfection, you’re going to fall flat. Don’t fake it.



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