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If you’re already on YouTube or are thinking about it or know a person or business that should be, this is the spot. It is our goal for you to learn from the massive amount of information in these interviews and help YOU reach your goals. With Beauty and the Vlog, you are getting an insider’s look into the world of YouTubers and picking up the strategies, tips, tools and behaviors needed for ultimate YouTube success.



Beauty and the Vlog is dedicated to sharing the journeys of today’s most popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle vloggers and uncovering their secrets to YouTube success. We talk about what works and what doesn’t and we get to know them on an even deeper level as they reveal insight into the exciting new world of YouTube vlogging. Beauty and the Vlog is the first interview series available on iTunes and YouTube dedicated to revealing the keys to success on YouTube as well as providing an insider look into the lives of professional YouTubers. It is our goal to inspire and motivate you with the stories of these enterprising, risk-taking women (and men) who are charting new career paths and making money, a lot of it, with their videos.

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Hi Beauties! Erika Vieira here! So, who am I? I began my career working in sales and marketing in both real estate and software. I learned a ton, especially on the sales side and have been able to apply those skills throughout my career including when I launched a popular apparel line with my younger sister. As the owner of a national clothing line, I received unique hosting opportunities as a fashion correspondent with AfterBuzz TV, MTV, PopStop TV and Black Hollywood Live. I had an amazing time interviewing celebrities, entrepreneurs and other interesting individuals.

Throughout that time, I became a BIG (closet) fan of YouTube videos and would take many much-needed breaks to relax and catch up on the latest makeup and fashion trends. I became intrigued with the lives and journeys of the bloggers I watched and had the opportunity to interview a few through the networks I worked with.

An entrepreneur at heart, I decided to launch my own network dedicated to a behind the scenes look into beauty, lifestyle and fashion vlogging. I wanted to uncover the stories and journeys of the vloggers I watched, many of whom went from girl next door to internet famous in record speed with endorsement deals, millions of followers and incredible opportunities at one time only reserved for Hollywood celebrities. Others simply transitioned from treating YouTube as a hobby to turning it into their full time career.

So many interviews with so much great info! Take your time taking it all in! If you want success on YouTube, you’ve found the right spot. Just be prepared to learn (a lot), have fun and be inspired.

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