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Hi Beauty!
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Welcome to Beauty and the Vlog!

I'm Erika Vieira the creator of Beauty and the Vlog, host of the Beauty and the Vlog podcast and lover of all things social media, YouTube and influencer strategy. But, we'll get to me a little later.


Who should be here?

Beauty and the Vlog is the #1 online community for beauty, fashion, fitness, mommy and lifestyle influencers. We provide inspiration and effective strategy specific to YOUR needs.

About Beauty & The Vlog

Beauty and the Vlog started off as a weekly podcast in 2015 with a goal of inspiring influencers. On the podcast we featured the stories of established online content creators with popular guests such as Amanda Ensing, Karissa Pukas and Nikki Phillippi.  Word spread about the show, and the influencer, YouTube and blogging community were hooked.

The podcast was featured in dozens of blogs and online media outlets including Bustle, StyleCaster and Byrdie and hosted collaborations with brands such as FaceTox, Empress Tips, Fashion Nova, Grapevine, GloProfessional and more.

What started as a popular podcast grew into a thriving online community

What started as a popular podcast grew into a thriving online community with a bustling Facebook group filled with thousands of influencers collaborating, supporting one another and discussing the strategies and guests on the podcast.

In 2017, after much demand, I started taking on clients and offering one on one influencer consulting sessions. With the Facebook group, podcast, blog and strategy sessions, Beauty and the Vlog continues to be the go-to resource of online influencers.


About Erika

So, who am I? I spent the first part of my career out of college tackling the highly competitive and male dominated world of commercial real estate in Los Angeles. In less than four years, I was the top agent at my firm and sold over 55 million dollars worth of commercial real estate both in California and Nevada.

When the real estate market took a dive, I took a break and pursued a passion of mine: hosting and interviewing. I gained my interview and podcast production skills while working with E! Personality Maria Menounos at AfterBuzz TV and Black Hollywood Live. Through these networks and other media outlets, I interviewed dozens of celebrities both in the studio and on the red carpet.

During that time, I launched and operated RallyBabe, a successful clothing line with my sister that manufactured licensed sports apparel for women. We obtained licensing rights for California NBA and NHL teams and universities. Our feminine and blinged-out apparel was available in hundreds of team stores, universities and boutiques across the country and seen on dozens of celebrities.

In 2014, after 4 years in the grinding apparel biz, my sister and I decided to sell our licensing rights and company to move onto other endeavors. It was a tough decision, but we knew it was the right decision.

I always knew that I wanted to help people achieve their goals and accomplish success.

I always knew that I wanted to help people achieve their goals and accomplish success. With my business and social media background, I was often asked by colleagues and friends to assist them with their online growth strategies. It was during this time that the idea for Beauty and the Vlog was born.

Combining my hosting, marketing, sales and business experiences, I threw everything into the new podcast. I loved it! I loved interviewing influencers, working with sponsors, building my own relationships with brands and moderating my Facebook group. After a year of doing the podcast, I had spent hundreds of hours talking to and reverse engineering the successes and failures of dozens of YouTubers both big and small.

With my decade long career in business, sales and marketing combined with the unique experience of interviewing and speaking with highly successful influencers, I had the insider knowledge and keen eye for understanding exactly what works and what doesn't on YouTube. I began receiving hundreds of requests for individualized attention from listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog.

After receiving these inquiries and staying true to my interest in helping and supporting women achieve their goals in life, I launched the consulting leg of Beauty and the Vlog and began offering custom strategy sessions in 2017.

So far, I am thrilled to say that I have helped dozens of online influencers grow their channels, see significantly higher video views and find their unique niche. one recent client even saw an increase in over 100k subscribers within two months as a result of our strategy session. (Click here to see what a few have to say).  Working one on one with people and delving into their content to create a roadmap towards success has been incredibly rewarding.

I hope you enjoy what you see (and hear), you learn a ton and are one step closer to achieving your goals online. Drop me a note, I would love to hear from you!